Seasonal Gourmet Popcorn

Fall Seasonal Flavors available August 30th - November 26th of 2017

Welcome to Funky Monkey

Kansas City’s Home of Funky Flavored Gourmet Popcorn.

Do you love popcorn? No, not just love it, but do you believe it is a basic food group? Is popcorn a snacking staple in your home as well as your office and car? Do you hide bags of it? Then, welcome to the Funky Monkey club, friend. Just wait until you taste one of our 20+ flavors, from traditional to insanely funky and everything in between.

Funky Monkeys do not just pop corn; we handcraft our gourmet funky flavors in small batches daily. This allows us to keep our 100% non-GMO gourmet popcorns also free of preservatives. Our gourmet popcorn is as fresh and as wholesome as it gets.

So it doesn’t matter if you are a homemade caramel lover or prefer to live on the edge of your taste buds with new and funky flavor combinations, Funky Monkey has you covered.

We invite you to pop by Funky Monkey Corn Company for a one-of-a-kind tasting tour! With 30 minutes to spare and a healthy appetite, we’ll make sure you try each of our flavors so you can find your favorite. Or you can order one of our gourmet popcorns for you or someone you love (a lot) by visiting our Flavor Menu.


Monkey Tested, Customer Approved

Today I received a box of 6 amazing flavors. Where to begin?!?! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!! I'm already addicted to the Chicago, which is caramel dusted with cheese. Kid you not, it's sweet and savory all in one bite and you CANNOT eat just one! All 6 flavors we've had are great: Java Monkey, Cotton Candy, Chicago, Monkey Mix, Pumpkin Crunch, and Puppy Chow and I recommend them all! And it's not just the flavors! It's all NON GMO corn! Funky Monkey Corn Company has done popcorn right!

Toni Taylor

This place is amazing. Kim was so kind. I can tell she loves what she does. You get to test every flavor in the store. They also support other micro- businesses and allow them to sell items in their store as well. The popcorn is to die for. I think it will be an every sat tradition from now on.

Pam Ewing

I will never go to topsys again. Funky monkey has so many delicious flavors! They let you taste them all. My personal favorite is the Indian corn - you get the best of the Carmel, cinnamon, and cheese worlds all in one. :) The employees are super friendly and they are community oriented. Thank you Funky Monkey!

Emily Nicholson


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