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Funky Monkey FunRaising


So you wanna raise some FUNds?

So it’s that time of year again. You’re searching relentlessly for a fundraiser that will actually make more money than work. If you qualify, you’d be crazy not to give Funky Monkey Corn Company’s® FUN-raising a try.

Qualifications are pretty simple. You must be a school or registered not-for-profit within a 50 mile radius of our Gladstone, Missouri store.   If you do not fall within this circle, do not worry. We hope to grow into your area soon! Continue reading “Funky Monkey FunRaising”

You Pick, We Pop!


Want to pick our next Seasonal Flavor?

“Welcome to Funky Monkey! Have you ever been here before? No? Well, allow me to show you around.

We currently offer over 20 flavors of certified non-GMO hand-crafted gourmet popcorns year-round.

On our large blue wall, you’ll find our eight caramel corns. However, this small blue wall is where we keep our three seasonal flavors. We change our seasonal flavors every three months so there’s always something new for you to try. Continue reading “You Pick, We Pop!”

Funky Monkey Values


Making An Environmental Difference

Being an environmental scientist and owning a gourmet popcorn store is a huge leap for some, just not for me. When I decided to leave my “Environmental Scientist” desk job at a mid-sized company to open my own business, bringing the easy-to-implement items, like repurposing, recycling, waste diversion, as well as healthful and local ingredients were a must.

If you have visited Funky Monkey Corn Company’s® retail space in Gladstone, Missouri, you’ve already experienced our store environment: laid-back island music, vibrant colors, cool local art and micro-businesses – plus the comforting aroma of delicious gourmet popcorn constantly being hand-crafted just a few feet from you. Continue reading “Funky Monkey Values”