Funky Monkey FunRaising


So you wanna raise some FUNds?

So it’s that time of year again. You’re searching relentlessly for a fundraiser that will actually make more money than work. If you qualify, you’d be crazy not to give Funky Monkey Corn Company’s® FUN-raising a try.

Qualifications are pretty simple. You must be a school or registered not-for-profit within a 50 mile radius of our Gladstone, Missouri store.   If you do not fall within this circle, do not worry. We hope to grow into your area soon!

Why choose Funky Monkey for fundraising?

What sets Funky Monkey apart from other popcorn fundraisers is also simple. We only offer our program locally, anyone can come by our store and taste your FUN-raising product before purchasing, we create custom digital and print media to help you promote your FUN-raiser, and we pop your gourmet corn the day it will be delivered or picked up, ensuring we are the freshest and funkiest FUN-raiser around!

We offer our FUN-raising program twice annually: during the spring (February 15 – May 15) and again in the fall (August 15 – November 15). Your organization may choose to run your FUN-raiser for one or two consecutive weeks once during each season.

Funky Monkey provides your group with easy-to-use order forms as well as custom print and social media to help you promote your event. We do a great deal of work with local elementary and middle schools, and this is also a great way for students to learn about the components of running a business. (Yep, we can help with that, too. )

5 flavors and how to get started

So what are the Funky Monkey flavors for fundraising?

We limit our FUN-raising flavors to five of our 20+ gourmet offerings: Funky Cheddar, Cheddar Ranch, Ivan’s Kettle, Home-made Caramel and Chicago.

Your group simply pre-sells our FUN-raising bags which contain 7 cups of popcorn for $7.00 each. You earn 50% or $3.50 for each bag you sell.

Now, there’s some basic information we need that can be accessed once you register online or you can always call us at 816.701.6232 or email to get your week/s reserved and get the process started.

We hope to help you raise some funds and FUN for your organization. Until then, #keepitfunky and #eatnoevil!