You Pick, We Pop!


Want to pick our next Seasonal Flavor?

“Welcome to Funky Monkey! Have you ever been here before? No? Well, allow me to show you around.

We currently offer over 20 flavors of certified non-GMO hand-crafted gourmet popcorns year-round.

On our large blue wall, you’ll find our eight caramel corns. However, this small blue wall is where we keep our three seasonal flavors. We change our seasonal flavors every three months so there’s always something new for you to try.

On our purple wall, you will find our five gourmet savory corns and our three kettle corns. Additionally, we pop a different heirloom buttered popcorn each week, as well as have a featured flavor for each holiday. For instance, you can expect to find our Patriot Mix gourmet corn the week before each National holiday. Of course, it’s red, white and blue, and the flavors are strawberry, vanilla and blue berry, respectively.

If you have the time and the appetite, you can literally munch your way around the room until you find your favorite flavor. Ready to do this?”

Should you visit our retail store, this is how you’d be greeted. And yes, the tasting tour is the best part! Be aware though, it really doesn’t help in making a flavor decision, but a ton of fun nonetheless.

Where do all these funky popcorn flavors come from?

People often ask how we come up with all of these crazy flavors. Honestly, it’s everyone’s favorite part of working at Funky Monkey Corn Company. Each of us with dry erase marker in hand and only a season in mind, such as winter, begin writing down all of our favorite flavors. This is completely a blue sky moment with zero limitations. Then we stand back and begin culling everything down until we get six solid flavors we think we are able to pull off well on our favorite medium: popcorn.

And that, our friend and fellow popcorn lover, is where you come in.

Hey there! Why not cast your vote into the ring?

We love the “You Pick. We Pop!” seasonal flavor voting week that happens every three months. You are invited to cast your vote on the three flavors you think we should make. Participate by visiting our store, or by following any or all of our social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram. We especially encourage cheating and double dipping across platforms as well as bribing friends and family to vote for your favorites, too.

After a full week of voting, we’ll likely enjoy a local brew or two while we carefully tally all of your votes together. With your three winning flavors, we’ll spend the next two days scouring our city for the perfect local spices and flavorings and deciding which style of gourmet corn would best suit the winning flavors. Then we handcraft several batches until our recipe is perfect. When we open next, those new flavors will be on the wall and the tasters will be full.

When you come back, you know one of our own funky monkeys will ask you if this is your first visit. But this time you might reply, “Yes, I have been here before and I am here today to taste the new seasonal flavors. Let’s do this!”